Viewers Rally to Support Customer Who Walks Into Movie Theater, Buys Popcorn & Leaves Immediately

Even though it’s easy and cheap to make popcorn at home, many people find that the popcorn they get at the movies tastes better. People have different ideas about why this is.

Some say it’s because movie theaters use a special oil, while others think they use Flavacol. But no matter the reason, many people agree that movie theater popcorn tastes better than you can make at home.

A Growing Trend

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One such popcorn customer, Leah Pfrommer, inquired whether others also bought popcorn straight from the theater.

“Genuinely curious, does anybody else—you just walk right into the movie theater and then walk out?” she asks, holding a bucket of popcorn. “I mean, what’s holding you back?”

Her video currently has over 984,000 views. In the comments section, users quickly said that Pfrommer’s behavior is normal.

“Worse – I door dash it so it’s 35$,” claimed a user. “We have the AMC refillable bucket. Do it all the time,” added another.

The High Price of Popcorn

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However, others noted the high price as a potential deterrent to beginning to do the same. “I’m not paying $30 for $2 worth of popcorn,” said a commenter.

“Nope, if I’m going to spend all that money on popcorn I might as well see a movie too,” offered a second.

“I make my own at home for like pennies compared to that lol, that’s what’s holding me back,” revealed a further user.

Buying Popcorn Without a Movie Ticket

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Most movie theaters will happily let you buy popcorn without seeing a movie. The following movie theater chains are fine with people buying popcorn without seeing a movie: AMC, Luxe Reel, Cinemark, iPic, Paramount, and Marcus Theaters.

Local theaters may also allow you to buy popcorn and leave. Unopened movie theater popcorn should last between two and four weeks.

If you can’t help but dive in and start munching as soon as you buy the popcorn, it should last between one and two weeks.

A movie theater is unlikely to restrict how much popcorn you buy. Movie theater popcorn typically has a markup of 1,275%, making it one of the most profitable concessions they sell.

It makes sense for the movie theater to sell you as much popcorn as possible, even if you won’t stay and watch a movie.

The Secret Behind the Taste of Movie Theater Popcorn

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Movie theater popcorn’s distinct and superior taste comes from unique preparation and cooking methods. Some theaters cook their kernels in a mix of oil and real butter, enhancing the butter flavor and delicate salt taste before popping the kernels.

The main contributor to the unique taste of movie popcorn is a topping called Flavacol.

This buttery and savory topping, manufactured by Gold Medal, is used nationwide, adding extra flavor, a signature yellow color, and a movie-quality taste to the popcorn.

Despite the extra seasoning or Flavacol topping, popcorn generally contains many whole grains, some protein, and fiber, making it a healthier snack at the movie theater.

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