“WAIT U CAN ASK FOR NO SADDLE” Customers Applauded for Skipping Texas Roadhouse Saddle & Opting Out of ‘Real Butter’

A recent online sensation has revolved around the experiences of Texas Roadhouse workers.

The popular American restaurant chain, has always been known for its lively atmosphere and unique dining experience. Recently, a group of workers fondly referred to as “roadies,” gained attention for expressing their gratitude towards certain customer behaviors.

Celebrating Special Moments

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Nikki shared a video highlighting some of these “special moments” for Texas Roadhouse servers.

The video starts with Nikki dancing joyfully, with a text overlay that reads: “When the 2-top tips u $100.”

It then transitions to another server that is elated:

“when customers choose not to throw peanuts on the ground.”

The Infamous Birthday Saddle

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The birthday saddle is one of the most talked-about aspects of the Texas Roadhouse experience.

In Nikki’s video, a server is seen sitting on this very saddle, with a caption that reads,

“When they ask for a birthday but no saddle.”

This particular segment of the video led to a flurry of comments, with one user exclaiming,


Another user shared their personal experience, saying,

“When I went there for my bday, the waitress was trying to convince me to do the saddle.”

Other Notable Moments

WAIT U CAN ASK FOR NO SADDLE Customers Applauded for Skipping the Saddle and Opting Out of Real Butter
Image Credit: TikTok @nickypink11.

The video also showcased other memorable moments, such as a server dressed as the Texas Roadhouse mascot, Andy Armadillo, with the caption,

“When no kids show up on kids’ night.”

The video quickly gained traction, garnering over 77,500 views in a short span. The comment section was abuzz with reactions from customers, current roadies, and even those considering joining the Texas Roadhouse team.

One potential recruit shared their apprehension, saying,

“Have an interview for a server at roadhouse tomorrow and I’m actually so scared only because I’m not trying to sing that birthday song.”

Another viewer humorously commented,

“omg the ‘real butter’ was how I lost all my weight.”

Texas Roadhouse In the Online Spotlight

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Texas Roadhouse, a renowned American restaurant chain, is not just about the food; it’s about the culture. The restaurant’s vibrant atmosphere is a testament to its unique work culture.

Employees, affectionately termed “Roadies,” are at the heart of this culture.

They proudly wear shirts proclaiming “I love my job!” [1]and engage in team-building activities, such as hourly country line dances. The emphasis on the Texas Roadhouse “family” is evident, with photos of Roadies displayed prominently, celebrating their camaraderie and shared experiences.

Beyond the fun and camaraderie, Texas Roadhouse also supports its Roadies during challenging times. “Andy’s Outreach,”[2] a fund established for Roadies facing hardships, exemplifies the restaurant’s commitment to its family. This fund, primarily employee-funded, assists Roadies during crises, from medical emergencies to personal tragedies.

In essence, Texas Roadhouse’s work culture goes beyond mere employment. It’s about creating a family, celebrating together, supporting each other, and delivering an unforgettable dining experience to customers.

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