‘This might be my favorite thing that I’ve tried’: Walmart Shopper Raves About New 97-Cent Mac & Cheese

Walmart sells mac and cheese for only 97 cents at their hot food bar, which could be a great deal for people looking to save money on meals.

TikTok user Mrogan tried it out and shared a review to let people know if it’s tasty or not. So, is the super cheap mac and cheese good? Morgan gives us the scoop!

Morgan’s Mac & Cheese Review

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Morgan had previously reviewed the mac and cheese, favorably comparing Walmart’s offering to frozen mac and cheese available from brands like Stouffer’s.

However, upon hearing that Walmart altered their recipe, she decided to revisit for another review, and the outcome was a pleasant surprise. The highlight? The bowl of mac and cheese was priced at just 97 cents.

Morgan expressed,

“This definitely, cheese-wise, has more, like, depth of flavor,” while showcasing a generous bowl of mac and cheese. “And again, to think that I got all of this for 97 cents? This might be my favorite thing that I’ve tried from their hot bar so far.”

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Customer Reactions: A Shared Enthusiasm for Affordable Goodness

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In the comments section, users echoed Morgan’s enthusiasm. One user admitted, “Bruh I tried it 2 days ago and thought ‘i don’t remember it tasting this good,’” while another shared, “For 97 cents the price alone will make it taste good to me. I’m cheap af. Probably add my own seasonings to it too.”

Another user highlighted,

“It’s so good. a big bowl is like 4 dollars. When I [worked] there I got it for lunch all the time.”

Additional comments provided insights into more meal options available at the hot bar. “All small sides are 97 cents,” detailed a commenter. “u can get mac&cheese, fries, jalapeño and crème cheese poppers, cheese bites, mashed potatoes and corn all for 97 cent.”

Another stated, “They’ve got great jalapeño poppers, tenders, taquitos, mac, & wings. Hubs works there so it’s a quick dinner.”

Walmart’s Unbeatable 97-Cent Mac & Cheese Deal

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Walmart has always been a go-to for shoppers seeking affordability without compromising on quality, and its recent 97-cent Mac and Cheese deal is no exception.

The retail giant, known for its Everyday Low Price Guarantee and strategic rollbacks, consistently provides competitive prices on groceries, including the much-raved-about Mac and Cheese.

A comparison of grocery items in a May 2022 Memphis FOX13 Investigates segment showcased Walmart’s ability to outperform its competitors in pricing, sometimes saving up to five dollars on a single item.

The secret behind such deals lies in Walmart’s substantial financial footprint and its negotiating power with vendors, derived from its status as the largest grocery chain and retailer in the U.S.

The Strategy Behind Walmart’s Low Prices

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Walmart’s low pricing isn’t confined to groceries but extends across all its offerings, ensuring shoppers “Save Money and Live Better.” With over $465 billion in grocery sales in 2021 and nearly $460 billion in retail sales in 2022, Walmart’s expansive sales volume enhances its negotiating power, enabling it to demand and secure the lowest prices from vendors.

This strategy, coupled with its vast network of about 10,500 stores in 24 countries, allows Walmart to offer consistently low prices across various products, from groceries to photo print services and private label products.

Thus, whether it’s a 97-cent Mac and Cheese deal or affordable household items, Walmart ensures that savings are passed on to the shoppers, substantiating their low-price approach and customer loyalty.

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