‘We Just Want to Go Home’: Panda Express Employees Swiftly Mop to Clock Out Early

In a world where the hustle never stops, a recent viral moment captured the essence of camaraderie and the universal desire to clock out early after a long day at work.

The Dilemma

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A Panda Express employee, identified as Berenice, shared a snippet of her and her colleague’s relatable workplace behavior.

The video showcases the pair hastily cleaning a large puddle of water on the floor, using squeegees to move the soapy water out of the store’s front doors, with the footage sped up for dramatic effect.

The overlay text humorously reads, “Pov: you trying to get out of work early,” while the accompanying caption echoes the sentiment with, “We just want to go home.”

Audience Resonance

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The video struck a chord with many, garnering over 938,700 views and a slew of comments from individuals who found the scenario all too familiar.

Comments ranged from empathetic remarks like “literally me rn with 2hrs & 30 mins left on the clock” to others sharing similar workplace experiences.

The video has become a space for people to connect over shared experiences, with one person even jesting about wanting to transfer to their workplace, saying,

“where y’all work so i could get transferred i found my people.”

Praise for Teamwork and Work Ethic

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Despite the light-hearted nature of the video, it also brought attention to the commendable work ethic displayed by the employees.

Many viewers praised the teamwork showcased in the video, with comments such as “TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAMWORK” and appreciations for their meticulous cleaning efforts, with one saying,

“Bro I thought we were the only one that scrubbed.”

Online Forums

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This is not an isolated incident of Panda Express-related content catching the eye of the masses.

On a Reddit thread [1], it was described by users that stringent policies and a high-pressure environment characterize the work culture at Panda Express. Employees have reported feeling constantly watched and pressured to adhere to strict rules, which has created a somewhat militarized work atmosphere.

This has led to dissatisfaction among some employees, who find the management style too harsh and the rules somewhat arbitrary, especially regarding the uniform policy. Despite this, there are also positive aspects to working at Panda Express [2], with some employees enjoying their time there.

However, the negative experiences shared by others suggest that the work culture at Panda Express may benefit from some improvements to create a more supportive and positive work environment.

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