‘We were definitely all dying after this’: Teens Devour 35 Baskets of Bread Rolls at Texas Roadhouse

The digital age has given rise to countless viral challenges, and now, a carb-loaded contest is capturing the attention of many. Riley, a student from Tarleton State University, and her friends embarked on the Texas Roadhouse rolls challenge, showcasing their determination to conquer basket after basket of bread.

Their video, a testament to both triumph and tenacity, offers a glimpse into the lengths people go for online acclaim. Join us as we unravel the story behind this challenge and its ripple effects on participants and viewers alike.

Carb Fatigue

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The video garnered significant attention and displayed numerous brown plastic bread baskets stacked high on a table, typically used to serve the rolls.

Riley captioned the video, stating,

“We were definitely all dying after this.”

Despite the overwhelming amount of bread, the group reached their ambitious target, consuming thirty-five baskets of rolls.

Historical Context of the Challenge

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The origins of this bread-eating challenge trace back to 2021.

A group of teenagers from Connecticut set the initial record by consuming 132 rolls, equivalent to 33 baskets. This original group consisted of seven participants. Given this context, reactions to Riley’s video were varied. Some viewers praised the group’s dedication and effort, while others highlighted the disparity in group sizes.

One viewer commented, “You guys have like 10 people that’s not fair,” to which Riley humorously replied, “I mean gotta do what you gotta do.”

Public Reactions

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The challenge certainly evoked a range of emotions from the public. Some were genuinely impressed by the group’s feat.

One viewer calculated,

“Dang so that would mean you [each] had more than 3 bowls.”

Another humorously remarked, “ik ur server was quiet literally crying,” emphasizing the potential strain such challenges might place on the restaurant staff.

Impact on the Waitstaff

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While such challenges might be entertaining for participants and viewers alike, they might be less amusing for the restaurant staff. Several Texas Roadhouse servers expressed their displeasure with these challenges. One server candidly stated,

“We hate serving people like y’all.”

Another, identifying as a baker, pleaded,

“As a baker roadie pls don’t come to my location thx.”

The impact of such challenges on the waitstaff remains a topic of debate.

Fun & Fallout of Competitive Eating Challenges

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Competitive eating challenges, such as the “Texas Roadhouse Roll Challenge,” have become a popular form of entertainment for many.

In this challenge, participants aim to consume as many of Texas Roadhouse’s soft, warm rolls as possible, with a recent record being set at 92 rolls consumed by a group of young men[1]. While these challenges offer a sense of achievement for participants, they also raise questions about their impact on restaurant staff and resources.

As these challenges gain popularity, it’s essential to consider the broader implications and ensure that everyone involved, from participants to servers, has a positive experience. Moreover, the restaurant industry as a whole has faced significant challenges, especially during the pandemic, with millions of restaurant workers at risk of losing their jobs and thousands of restaurants shutting down.[2]

As such, while these eating challenges may provide temporary entertainment, it’s crucial to be mindful of the broader context in which they occur.

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