‘Well, that’s one way to do a gender reveal use the peanut butter’: Shopper Raises Eyebrows Over Peanut Butter Labels

In a recent viral video, a keen observer has potentially unraveled why Walmart chose pink and blue labels for their Great Value peanut butter.

This discovery has sparked a wave of reactions and theories online, with many finding humor in the supposed underlying message conveyed through the color-coded labels.

The Great Label Debate

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In the video, the user shares his observation from a food aisle at a local Walmart. He expresses his amusement at what he believes to be a clever marketing strategy by Walmart.

According to him, the creamy peanut butter variant of the Great Value brand sports a pink label, indicating the absence of nuts. At the same time, the crunchy version has a blue label, signifying the presence of nuts.

He humorously suggests that the color choice might be a play on the traditional gender color associations, with pink being linked to girls and blue to boys.

This interpretation also leans on a double entendre with the term “nuts,” sometimes used in slang to refer to male genitalia. The cheeky explanation has resonated with many, leading to a surge in the video’s viewership, crossing a million views and nearly 500 comments as of the last update.

Public Reaction

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The video has elicited a range of reactions from the public. While some found the joke amusing, labeling it as a “dad joke,” others quickly pointed out the flaw in the observation.

A section of the audience noted that both peanut butter variants are essentially made from nuts, debunking the initial theory. Moreover, some users have shared their encounters with similar gender-based labeling in other products.

One user mentioned a bakery that labels its brownies as “girl brownies” (without nuts) and “boy brownies” (with nuts), indicating that this might not be an isolated incident.

Another one added,

“Well, that’s one way to do a gender reveal use the peanut butter.”

Marketing Using Gender-Related Color Coding

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In the marketing sector, leveraging gender-based color preferences can significantly influence branding strategies, according to Susan Gunelius’ article citing a KissMetrics infographic.

The study reveals a universal preference for blue, red, and green among both genders, with blue being the most favored. Conversely, orange and brown are generally disliked.

A notable divergence is observed with the color purple, which is adored by women but not by men. Additionally, the shades of orange and yellow are often perceived as ‘cheap’. The study also highlights a gender disparity in the perception of neutral colors and sensitivity to color nuances. This data suggests marketers should meticulously select color schemes that resonate with their target demographic to enhance engagement and foster positive responses.

Understanding the subconscious impact of color preferences based on gender can amplify marketing campaigns’ efficacy, making it a vital tool in crafting successful marketing strategies.

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