‘What Are You, a Stripper?’: Woman Catches Toyota Salesman’s Derogatory Remark

A TikTok video by Bianca Emma Figueroa is causing a stir. She shared a shocking story about a Toyota salesman’s sexist remarks, not realizing she could still hear him on the phone.

But it’s what happened next — Bianca confronting him and his boss — that ignited a firestorm, spotlighting the ugly misogyny some women face during everyday activities like buying a car. Ready for the full story? Here it is.

The Incident

In her video, Bianca Emma Figueroa recounts an incident she and her husband experienced. She tells her viewers,

“So me and my husband drive by, and we see this beautiful white Toyota match exactly the car that we were looking for—for the fleet for the business that me, my sister, and my mom have.”

She explains that they entered the dealership but noticed someone else was about to test drive their interested car. However, just then, a dealership employee approached them.

This employee informed Figueroa that if the individual test-driving the car decided not to buy it, she could have the opportunity to purchase it.

@esposatoxicaBryan Easler Toyota of Hendersonville, NC – you really outdid yourself today. We have already contacted corporate.♬ original sound – Bianca Emma Figueroa

Unprofessional Salesman Overheard Mocking Customer

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Following the test drive, the car was still up for grabs. Figueroa mentions that her sister then phoned the employee to start the necessary paperwork. But here’s where things took a turn, she notes.

After speaking with her sister, the employee didn’t end the call properly and unknowingly pocketed his phone while it was still connected. This mistake allowed Figueroa and her sister to eavesdrop on his private conversation with colleagues.

She recounts hearing him mockingly say,

“‘Yeah, bro, like her family came to see the [car]. They liked it, whatever. And then this girl calls and she was like, ‘Hey, I’m Krystal. And I was like, thinking, ‘What are you, a stripper? And then she said, she owns a cleaning business. Oh, yeah. What kind of cleaning business? You know what I mean?'”

Figueroa explains that, coincidentally, she was just entering the dealership with the paperwork for the car purchase when this happened. She approached the salesman, who was cheerfully greeting her, unaware of his blunder. She confronted him, saying,

“‘Hi, I think you forgot to hang up the phone on my sister before you called her a stripper.'”

The employee, realizing his mistake, quickly ended the call. When she questioned his professionalism, he repeatedly denied any ill intent, visibly shaken and embarrassed. However, Figueroa didn’t stop there. She decided to take the matter up with his manager, explaining the situation and filing a complaint.

In a follow-up TikTok, she delves into the details of how the complaint process unfolded.

@esposatoxicaI cannot believe that it is 2023 & US AS WOMEN are STILL having to deal with behavior like this.♬ original sound – Bianca Emma Figueroa

Disrespect & Intimidation

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Figueroa continues her story, now inside the manager’s office at the car dealership. She recounts her disappointment when, after explaining the salesman’s disrespectful remarks, the manager showed no reaction. “He didn’t even look up from his computer to acknowledge what I just said. This was just a normal Friday for him,” she expresses, realizing that neither she as an individual nor her business was going to receive any respect there.

However, the situation escalated when she decided to leave. The manager, in what Figueroa describes as an attempt to intimidate her, stood up and loomed over her, raising his voice. “He started yelling, ‘Well, what do you want me to do? You just came into my office with all these allegations. What do you want me to do?'” she recalls him shouting.

The manager’s response was to tell her that if she didn’t want the vehicle, others were interested, but he then retreated, saying he needed to confirm her story with the employee involved.

Figueroa’s reply highlighted the manager’s lack of basic courtesy and respect. “‘That’s it. That’s if you would have just said that,'” she recalls saying. “‘When you were sitting there staring at your computer, not even acknowledging our conversation, we would have had a different interaction. It was about the principle.'”

She ends her recount by turning the tables on the disrespect she and her family received. Addressing the salesman and the manager, she declares,

“You did not shame us. On the contrary, what you did was disgusting and downright distasteful, my boy. And let me just say, it’s 2023. There is no reason that we should still be having this locker room talk that you so desperately wanted to have with your buddies.”

Confronting Sexism

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The incident at the Toyota dealership goes beyond just one employee’s derogatory remarks; it highlights a troubling normalization of misogyny within workplace cultures. When Figueroa reported the salesman’s behavior, the manager’s nonchalant reaction was telling.

Instead of immediate concern or an apology, there was an attempt to downplay and even intimidate her. This lack of empathy and accountability from those in charge suggests a systemic normalization of such behavior, emphasizing the need for a significant shift in workplace cultures.

Companies must establish stringent guidelines and training for staff regarding customer interactions, fostering an environment of respect, equality, and zero tolerance for sexism.

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