Why Airlines Aren’t Fixing Inefficient Boarding

In air travel, time is more than just a number on a clock; it’s the heartbeat of an industry where every second counts.

Cast your mind back to the 1970s, when Southwest Airlines turned the tarmac into a racetrack, boasting an average turn time of 10 minutes ¹.

Fast forward to today, and the picture is different, with turn times stretching to 45 to 55 minutes.

What happened in the intervening years to slow down this once swift process?

The Growing Pains of Modern Air Travel

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As Southwest Airlines soared in popularity and size, its aircraft grew alongside its customer base. The once modest 122-seat 737s have evolved, carrying more passengers and, inevitably, more baggage.

While a testament to the airline’s success, this growth brought a more time-consuming boarding process, a challenge not unique to Southwest but shared across the industry.

Boarding a plane has become a hot, rushed, and often chaotic experience for many travelers, a far cry from the quick and efficient process of the past.

Innovation In the Aisles

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Recognizing the need for change, Southwest has been experimenting with new boarding concepts since late 2022 ², aiming to reclaim the efficiency of its golden years. However, the paradox lies in the industry’s focus on monetization over efficiency.

Airlines have turned boarding into a lucrative game, prioritizing upselling and loyalty programs that generate billions, making quick service a secondary goal.

Different boarding groups and priority access have become revenue-generating strategies rather than efficiency measures.

Despite the staggering $33 billion annual cost of delays ³, the industry’s reluctance to overhaul its boarding methods means significant changes might not be on the immediate horizon.

Southwest’s efforts, while innovative, still operate within a system where monetization takes precedence over speed.

A Dance of Priority & Profit

Boarding a plane in 2023 is a meticulously choreographed dance, prioritizing travelers with additional needs, service members, and premium customers.

Airlines, including Southwest, offer options to board earlier for a fee, a strategy that generates revenue and caters to customer satisfaction. As passengers line up, eager to secure their preferred seats, the process reveals a complex interplay of status, convenience, and cost.

New Dawn of Boarding

Southwest’s innovative spirit shines through its new boarding strategies. From metal pillars guiding passengers to iPads streamlining communication, the airline is trying to shave precious minutes off its turn times.

Music in the jet bridge, chosen for its tempo, aims to quicken the pace of boarding, a creative touch to a typically mundane process. These efforts are Southwest’s attempt to commit to efficiency and customer experience.

The Cost of Delay

The impact of delayed boarding extends far beyond the frustration of waiting passengers. The costs mount every minute a plane sits idle, contributing to the $33 billion annual burden of delays.

These delays cascade through the network, disrupting schedules and incurring additional costs in accommodating passengers who miss connections. Southwest’s proactive approach aims to improve individual flights and enhance the reliability and efficiency of its operation.

Journey Ahead

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As we stand on the precipice of a new era in air travel, the industry faces a critical question: How can we make boarding faster, more efficient, and less stressful for passengers?

Southwest Airlines’ journey from a 10-minute turnaround marvel to its current quest for innovation offers a glimpse into the challenges and opportunities.

The race against time continues, and the next chapter in the story of airline boarding is just beginning to unfold.


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