‘Why is delivery an option then’: Domino’s Employee Shames Customer for Opting for Delivery

A Domino’s delivery took an unexpected turn in a recent incident that’s become a hot topic of online discussion.

After dropping off a pizza, the delivery driver couldn’t help but question the customer’s decision to opt for delivery, especially when the Domino’s outlet was just a stone’s throw away.

This curious encounter sheds light on the quirks and curiosities of the modern food delivery experience.

The Comfort of Home

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Many people, including the customer in question, have made their homes a sanctuary, especially during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The comfort of one’s couch, the freedom to wear what one wants, and the joy of spending time with pets make staying at home a preferred choice for many.

With the pandemic still looming, ordering in has become a norm for many who wish to stay safe and avoid unnecessary outings.

The Unexpected Comment

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Ercina Rodriguez, the customer, probably didn’t anticipate anything unusual when she ordered pizzas from Domino’s. However, as she stepped out to collect her order, the delivery driver remarked,

“You know the Domino’s is right there, right?”

This comment, even before Ercina could tip the driver, took her by surprise. The driver further probed, asking why she opted for delivery.

Ercina responded, pointing out that drivers are paid for deliveries. The driver acknowledged this but continued pressuring the issue, leading to a tense exchange.

Public Reaction

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The incident was noticed. Many voiced their opinions, questioning the logic behind the driver’s comments.

One commenter aptly asked, “Why is delivery an option then?” Others shared personal reasons for choosing delivery.

For instance, a commenter mentioned the hassle of managing two toddlers and the inconvenience of getting them in and out of car seats as a reason for her to prefer delivery.

Another individual humorously mentioned opting for delivery when hungover.

A Look at Domino’s History with Delivery

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It’s worth noting that Domino’s has had a significant history with delivery services. The company saw a surge in delivery sales during the infamous O.J. Simpson slow-speed chase in 1994.

With people glued to their televisions, many opted for delivery, and no one seemed to question the choice of delivery back then.

The Journey of Domino’s

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In 1960, the two brothers embarked on a journey to revolutionize the pizza industry by opening their first pizzeria, DomNick’s, in Michigan. The establishment was renamed Domino’s in 1965, marking the inception of a global pizza giant.

The growth trajectory soared, with the number of outlets reaching 200 by 1978 and 5,000 by 1989, and today, Domino’s proudly stands with more than 14,400 locations in over 85 countries.

Delivering over a million pizzas daily worldwide, Domino’s has etched its name as a leader in pizza delivery, committed to serving communities with hot, delicious, made-to-order meals and mastering the art and science of the perfect pie.

Ensuring a Seamless Delivery Experience

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The surge in food delivery demands utmost efficiency and clear communication to ensure a seamless experience.

Maurice Mercer of The TakeOut Bham and Luci Tucker, a delivery driver, shed light on common unintentional mistakes that complicate the delivery process.

It’s imperative to have visible signage to assist the driver in locating your address swiftly, especially during evening deliveries.

Informing the driver about cash tips beforehand and communicating any specific needs like extra condiments or napkins in advance can significantly enhance the delivery experience.

Providing clear instructions and being available to answer calls for updates or clarifications further ensures that your food reaches you in the best condition, making the delivery process smooth and enjoyable for both parties.

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