Woman Celebrates Birthday Dinner at KBBQ Place, Excluding Hindu Friend Who “Could Only Eat the Sides”

A 22-year-old woman found herself in a dilemma while planning her birthday dinner. The birthday celebrant, who loves steak, booked a reservation at a newly opened Wagyu KBBQ place, known for its high-quality beef and pork dishes.

However, this choice of venue led to a disagreement with one of her close friends, who practices Hinduism and abstains from consuming beef and pork.

Birthday Dinners

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The KBBQ restaurant, which primarily serves beef and pork, offers limited vegetarian options restricted to side dishes such as rice, corn, and kimchi.

Given the circumstances, the birthday celebrant chose not to invite her Hindu friend to the dinner, fearing she would have nothing substantial to eat. Instead, she arranged to have an Indian meal with her the day before the birthday celebration.

The Reaction

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Upon learning that she was not invited to the birthday dinner, the Hindu friend expressed her disappointment, suggesting that a different restaurant could have been chosen to accommodate her dietary restrictions.

This led to a heated discussion, with the birthday celebrant defending her choice of venue, emphasizing her long-standing desire to dine at the KBBQ place and the effort to celebrate separately to respect her friend’s dietary preferences.

Understanding and Sympathy for the Celebrant

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Some people who commented on the incident expressed understanding and sympathy for the birthday celebrant, noting that it was her special day and she had the right to choose the venue according to her preferences.

One person noted that the celebrant did spend time with her Hindu friend the day before the birthday, and felt that the friend was somewhat acting entitled for expecting the celebrant to change her restaurant choice.

They suggested that the celebrant could have informed her friend about the restaurant choice beforehand to avoid misunderstanding, albeit doubting that it would have changed the friend’s reaction.

Advocating for the Friend’s Right to Choose

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On the other hand, some felt that the friend should have been given the choice to decide whether or not to attend the dinner.

They criticized the celebrant for assuming the role of a protector, thereby denying her friend the autonomy to make her own decision based on her moral and dietary preferences.

A Call for Better Communication

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A significant number of comments highlighted the importance of better communication between the friends. Some suggested that a more inclusive approach could have been to invite the Hindu friend while making her aware of the limited food options available, thereby giving her the choice to attend or not.

They emphasized that open communication could have prevented the disagreement and maintained the harmony of their friendship.


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Following the online discourse, the friends managed to reconcile, acknowledging the need for better communication in the future. The birthday celebrant also clarified that her decision was not influenced by any prejudice against Hindus, noting her own Indian background and familial connections to Hinduism.

She expressed regret over not discussing the restaurant choice with her friend earlier, admitting that attending the dinner and enjoying the available side dishes could have been an option.

Cultural Sensitivity in Modern Friendships

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In the backdrop of this incident lies a broader discussion on the role of cultural sensitivity in modern friendships.

As friendships span across diverse backgrounds, it becomes imperative to foster understanding and respect for each other’s cultural norms and preferences.

The Global Landscape of Friendships

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A comprehensive study involving participants from 99 countries, published in the National Institutes of Health, delves into the cultural factors that influence friendships and their impact on health and well-being.

The research highlights that the dynamics of friendships are deeply influenced by various cultural dimensions including individualism/collectivism and masculinity/femininity, and economic factors such as GDP and income inequality.

Understanding these nuances is essential in nurturing friendships in a multicultural world.

Intercultural Friendship through New Social Media

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In today’s digital age, social media platforms have revolutionized the way friendships are formed, fostering connections that transcend geographical boundaries and are based on shared interests and values.

The dynamics of these online friendships are also influenced by the individualistic or collectivist tendencies of different cultures, shaping the networks to be either diverse and open or close-knit. Navigating this complex landscape requires an understanding of these dynamics in a globally connected world.

This incident brings to light the delicate balance of maintaining friendships that traverse diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. It underscores the necessity for open dialogue and understanding in nurturing relationships, and respecting individual choices while fostering inclusivity.

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