Woman Claims Better Off In 2012 on Minimum Wage than $100k Today

Can you imagine earning nearly $100,000 a year and still feeling poorer than when you were on minimum wage? That’s the startling reality Sam from British Columbia shared with the world, and it’s got people talking.

In a viral revelation, she contrasts her financial situation in 2023 with that of 2012, explaining that despite her hefty paycheck, the relentless rise in living costs has left her pocket feeling significantly lighter. This personal testimony highlights an unsettling economic trend, sparking widespread discussions about the ever-widening gap between earnings and expenses.

It’s not just a story about Sam’s paycheck; it’s a wake-up call about the eroding middle-class dream. Here’s the full scoop.

The Rising Cost of Living

“The cost of living in 2023 is so bad that I’m pretty sure I was actually better off financially when I was making minimum wage in 2012 versus me making almost 100,000 dollars today,” Sam said.

“In 2012, I lived with my roommate in a two-bedroom apartment and our rent was $700, so we paid $350 each,” she continued.

“I paid maybe $100-$150 for groceries. Our utilities were maybe $100 a month for everything, and my take-home pay making minimum wage was probably $1300-1400 dollars a month. After all my expenses and necessities, I had so much money left over.”

She then contrasted her past financial situation with her current one:

“Now in 2023, I pay $3,300 dollars a month for rent in British Columbia. Utilities are at least $200 or $300 a month. I have a student loan payment several hundred dollars a month. I had to move outside the city, so I have to have a car.”

“I really feel like I had a lot more disposable income in 2012 when I was making minimum wage,” she concluded.

@sam.breezie If I had known that this is what 2023 was going to look like 10 years ago, I would have skipped on going to school and just bought a house instead
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The Numbers Speak: Financial Strain Across Income Brackets

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According to surveys, only 35% of Americans believe their financial situation has improved since 2022, while a staggering 50% feel they are worse off. This sentiment is echoed across income brackets, with 61% of lower-income Americans feeling their finances have worsened over the past year. Even middle and upper-income Americans report a decline in their financial well-being.

While joblessness has decreased and consumer spending has grown, inflation remains a significant concern. The cost of average goods has surged by 6.4% or more since 2022, and food costs have risen by a whopping 10%. This inflationary pressure is eroding the purchasing power of many, leaving them feeling poorer despite earning more.

Economic Factors Contributing to Middle-Class Decline

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The middle class is in a state of decline, primarily due to a confluence of economic factors. A U.S. Department of Health and Human Services report underscores this trend, highlighting the detrimental impact of rising income inequality.

As a result of this growing disparity, many individuals who were once part of the middle class are slipping into lower income brackets. Furthermore, stagnant wages in the face of ever-increasing living costs put additional pressure on middle-class households. This concerning phenomenon parallels Sam’s narrative which discusses how her financial situation has deteriorated over time due to persistently low wages and the mounting burden of essential expenses.

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