‘No fr Im staying until I’m married’: Woman Defends Her Choice to Live at Home at 25 Amid Criticism

Adulthood is expected to be a journey of independence, but Saby’s choice to live at home at 25 has thrown a curveball into that narrative on TikTok.

Using humor and honesty, she shares the joys and challenges of staying in her parents’ nest, making many young adults nod in agreement.

Her story offers a fresh perspective on the varied paths of growing up and questions the “one-size-fits-all” mindset. Curious about the reality of adulthood for many today? Saby’s take is a must-watch.

Embracing the Comforts of Home: A 25-Year-Old’s Perspective

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Saby, a TikTok creator with a following of 1.9 million, shared her perspective on living at home at 25, responding to a comment questioning her living situation.

She laid out her reasons with a blend of humor and sincerity, including enjoying rent-free living, savoring her mom’s cooking, and cherishing the last years she anticipates living with her parents before potentially starting her own family.

She also candidly shared her fears of living alone and the loneliness it might bring, juxtaposing moments of self-doubt with affirmations of being “just a baby” and not needing to rush into living independently.

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Community Echoes

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The video resonated with many viewers, sparking a wave of comments sharing similar experiences, cultural perspectives on living at home, and expressions of support for choosing a path that suits one’s own readiness and circumstances.

Some users highlighted how living at home until marriage is a norm in their cultures, while others who have moved out shared nostalgic sentiments about their parents’ home comforts.

One comment reads,

“Don’t! Live life at your own pace and your own rules. No one has a say, they will never understand our bond with our families as Arabs. Enjoy it ❤️”

Another one added,

“No fr Im staying until I’m married ”

The collective voices underscored a call to normalize varied living arrangements for adults and recognize the diverse paths into adulthood.

A Surge In Young Adults Returning Home

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Saby shared experience and the subsequent community responses bring broader reflections on adulthood, independence, and individuals’ varied paths.

A recent survey from Harris Poll for Bloomberg reveals that approximately 45% of Americans aged 18 to 29 are now living at home with their families, marking the highest figure since the 1940s.

Over the past two years, more than 60% of Gen-Zers and millennials have reportedly moved back home, often driven by financial challenges. High housing costs, substantial student debt, inflation, and general economic instability have particularly impacted younger individuals, prompting many to return to their parental homes as a financial haven.

The primary reason for this shift, cited by over 40% of respondents, is the opportunity to save money.

Shifting Perceptions and Economic Struggles

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Moreover, 30% of respondents are staying with family members because they cannot afford independent living, while other influencing factors include debt payment (19%), financial recovery from emergency costs (16%), and job loss (10%).

The survey, conducted online in August, encompasses responses from more than 4,000 U.S. adults, including 329 people aged 18 to 29. The data also indicates that 81% of respondents of all ages believe that achieving financial security is more challenging today than two decades ago.

Furthermore, 74% agree that younger Americans face a “broken economic situation” that hinders their financial success. As attitudes towards living with family members shift, 40% of young people reported feeling happy living at home, while 33% felt smart for choosing to reside with family.

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