Woman Discusses How Bad Male Instacart Shoppers Are

Recently, a video has gone viral, sparking an amusing debate about male Instacart shoppers and their seemingly uncanny ability to get grocery substitutions hilariously wrong.

The video, shared by a user, narrates a funny incident involving a male Instacart shopper who misunderstood a simple request for a quarter-pound of sliced deli ham.

The Ham Incident

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The story begins with the user placing what she considered a small and straightforward order, including a request for a quarter-pound of sliced deli ham. However, the male shopper seemed to need help finding the item.

Continuing her story, the individual recounts the conversation, stating: “He asked, ‘You want a quarter?’ to which I confirmed, ‘Yes, a quarter pound of ham.’ He then assured me that he had found it.”

Unfortunately, when her order arrived, she discovered that the shopper needed to understand her request, as evidenced by the large piece of ham she received instead of the sliced variety she had requested.

Adding to the humor, the user noted that the price on the sticker did not match the amount she was charged, leading her to speculate that the item might have been stolen jokingly.

“Also, I think he stole this because it rang up at $1.68. And according to the sticker, it is definitely not $1.68. So I don’t know how this happened.”

Viral Reactions and Hilarious Mix-Ups

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The video quickly went viral, attracting close to a million views and prompting others to share their own amusing experiences with male Instacart shoppers.

The comment section became a hub of laughter as users recounted instances where the shoppers delivered wildly incorrect substitutions.

One person shared,

“I requested chicken bouillon cubes. He handed me two rotisserie chickens.”

Another recounted,

“My friend asked for cream of Tartar for her snickerdoodles, but she received Tartar Sauce instead.”

“Asked for a loofa brush and received a grill grate cleaner ,” another individual humorously noted.

Someone else mentioned, “I asked for two pomegranates but received a single kiwi.”

Yet another stated,

“I received just one green bean inside a sizable produce bag.”

One more added, “Instead of finding broccoli, he brought me a single sweet potato.”

We certainly aren’t aiming to generalize about male Instacart shoppers, however, it cannot be denied that the comments section is one of the most hilarious we have seen.

Why Male Shoppers Are So Bad?

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The article from Reuters discusses the increasing trend of men taking up grocery shopping responsibilities in the US, and the challenges they face during this process. According to a report by Mandy Putnam from TNS Retail Forward, many men find grocery shopping overwhelming due to inefficiencies in their shopping habits.

They often have trouble locating items and are reluctant to ask for assistance, preferring to avoid buying an item rather than choosing a substitute. This behavior leads to missed sales opportunities for retailers. The article suggests that men prioritize convenience over price, focusing on specific items instead of exploring various options in the aisles.

This trend is attributed to changing societal norms, with more dual-income households and men marrying later, necessitating their increased involvement in grocery shopping. The article implies that men are “bad” at grocery shopping due to their reluctance to seek help and their focus on efficiency over exploration.

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