Woman Finds a Snake In Her Car & Doesn’t Wait for Help

Imagine driving your car and suddenly finding a snake hanging from the visor of the driver’s seat. For most people, this would be a worst nightmare scenario. However,a Tiktoker, Brooke turned this terrifying experience into a story of courage and bravery.

She lived to tell the tale and acted in a manner that impressed many people.

The Unwanted Guest

Brooke discovered a garter snake hanging from the visor of her driver’s seat. Initially, she was as disturbed as anyone would be upon finding such an unwelcome guest in their vehicle.

Initially, Brooke was definitely taken aback upon finding the slimy guest in the car and shared a few choice words about the scary fact that she wanted the snake to get out of the vehicle.

Ingenious Solution

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After her shock, she gathered her wits and tried to prompt the snake out using straws like chopsticks. Although this method failed, she didn’t give up.

Brooke then carefully removed the snake from her car using a tennis racket. Brooke pulls the reptile from her vehicle using a tennis racket and carefully sets the slithery offender onto the grass, allowing it to go on completely unharmed.

Public Reaction

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The public’s reaction to Brooke’s brave act was overwhelmingly positive, although some admitted they would have ended up in the hospital due to an anxiety attack.

Brooke assured her followers that the garter snake was harmless and familiar in her area in Ontario, Canada.

However, some commenters humorously suggested that they would have called a tow truck or even call the cops. “I know it’s a Garter snake but I’d call the cops”

The Bigger Picture: Snakes in Cars Are Not Uncommon

A Reddit post in the r/snakes subreddit shares a user’s experience of finding a snake on the dashboard of their car right after a thunderstorm. The user was puzzled about how the snake could have entered the car and turned to the Reddit community for advice.

Responses ranged from humorous comments about extended car warranties to more serious discussions about the snake’s species based on its markings. Some users suggested that the snake might be someone’s lost pet, while others believed it to be a wild corn snake.

The post also spoke about how snakes are good at getting into places they want to be, emphasizing that cars are far from airtight.

How to Safely Remove a Snake from Your Car

An article from animals.mom.com provides a comprehensive guide on how to deal with a snake in your car. While the presence of a snake can be unsettling, it advises against panicking.

It suggests various methods for snake removal, such as using a broom to guide the snake towards an open door gently. Calling a wildlife control or pest management exterminator is also an option if you’re squeamish about snakes.

This emphasizes the importance of extreme caution when interacting with snakes, as some may be venomous. It also advises against using fumigants, as none are currently legal or approved in the United States.

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