Woman Parks In Handicap Spot & Mocks Disabled Individuals

A recent incident has ignited a wave of anger and disappointment across various online platforms.

A woman posted a video of herself parking in a spot reserved for drivers with disabilities, mocking how some disabled people walk.

The Controversial Video

Captioned, “POV: parking at handicap,” the video shows a woman parked in a spot reserved for people with disabilities.

She then pretends to be disabled by contorting her legs. In response to the backlash, the woman claimed it to be “dark humor” as a way to cope without specifying what she was dealing with.

This explanation did not sit well with many, including Aubrey, who questioned her reasoning and its relation to disabled people.

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The Importance of Reserved Parking Spaces

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Reserved parking spaces for disabled individuals are not just a privilege but a necessity.

They are located close to the entrance of buildings. They are typically larger than a standard parking spot, allowing disabled people room to assemble or disable mobility equipment, such as a wheelchair.

Misusing these spots, as done by the woman in the video, is not only against the law but also disrespectful towards the disabled community.

The Response & Repercussions

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Aubrey’s video calling out the woman’s insensitive actions garnered more than 38,000 views. Many commenters expressed their disappointment and disbelief at the woman’s actions and her excuse of “dark humor.”

The incident highlighted the lack of understanding and empathy towards the disabled community, with many sharing their own stories of being mocked for their disabilities.

The Call for Respect & Understanding

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Aubrey ended his video with a message of acceptance for the disabled community, stating, “Your body is beautiful no matter what.”

This incident serves as a reminder of the continuous struggle faced by disabled individuals and the importance of respect, understanding, and empathy towards all, regardless of their physical abilities.

Understanding the Abuse of Handicapped Parking

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Illegal use of handicapped parking is a significant issue, affecting approximately 72% of the estimated 43 million Americans who rely on these spaces.

Past research indicates that the inappropriate use of handicapped parking spaces occurs frequently, with a majority of cars parked in these reserved spaces doing so illegally. Despite various legal and social sanctions, these habits have proven difficult to change.

A study aimed to understand the factors influencing individuals to park illegally in handicapped spaces. A survey, called the “Handicapped Parking Questionnaire,” was mailed to 250 residents in the Menomonie area.

Only 6 (5.5%) of the 109 respondents reported violating handicapped parking, with convenience being the primary reason for abuse.

Respect & Legality In Accessible Parking

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Please respect the rules of the disabled parking stall. Never park in a space reserved for people with disabilities unless you have a valid disabled placard or license plate and only if it is essential.

It’s the courteous thing to do—and it’s the law! Always display your accessible parking permit when parked in a designated disabled-accessible parking spot. It is required by law.

Only let others use your disabled-accessible parking permit when you are present. The assigned owner of a disabled-accessible parking permit must always be current whenever the permit is being used.

Ignoring this rule could result in hefty fines for you and the person who borrowed the permit, including the revoked permit.

Consideration & Awareness for All

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Even when a parking lot is full, you may not park in an available disabled-accessible stall, even for a few minutes. By law, only authorized disabled parkers are allowed to park in a disabled-accessible parking space at all times.

Remember: not all disabilities are visible. It is easy to look at a person parked in a disabled-accessible spot who is not using a cane, walker, wheelchair, or other assistive devices and presume that they should not be parked there.

There are chronic conditions and/or invisible disabilities that qualify. Please don’t jump to conclusions.

Do not use a disabled-accessible parking permit once it’s expired. If you still need to use it after expiration, please apply for a new one or renew it.

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