Woman Places ‘Around 50’ Air Purifiers In Apartment to Stealthily Hide Smoking Habit from Neighbors

Ever thought about how to keep a secret in a shared space? Fancy a smoke but dread the trek outdoors or the inevitable complaints about the odor?

Many have wrestled with this dilemma, seeking stealthy ways to indulge without the whole building getting a whiff. If you’re sitting on a pile of air purifier coupons, this TikToker’s sister might just be your new role model.

A Strategy of Overkill

The TikToker created a video in which she walks around her sister’s new apartment, showcasing multiple air purifiers scattered throughout the space. The air purifiers are placed on the floor, on couches, and on countertops, and they come in various shapes and sizes.

The video’s caption humorously sets the scene:

“POV: when your sister just moved into her new apartment & brought like 50 air purifiers so the neighbors don’t smell her smoking.”

@nothingn1ce She is crazy
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Public Reaction: Confusion & Alternative Suggestions

Viewers of the TikTok video expressed their confusion over why the TikToker’s sister had so many air purifiers randomly placed throughout her new apartment. Many suggested alternative solutions to address the issue of smoke odor.

One person recommended using a “smoke buddy” and having only 2-3 air purifiers at most.

Another user suggested using a combination of strategies, saying,

“A smoke buddy, close the vents, open the windows, point a fan towards the window (small room ofc).”

Someone proposed using a carbon filter typically used in grow operations as a more effective solution.

Several viewers shared their own ideas, such as using a window fan, smoke odor candles, and regular wall cleaning to manage the smoke odor. They also raised concerns about the potential increase in electricity costs due to the numerous air purifiers.

The Role of Activated Carbon & Proper Filtration

filtration ss1821588962
Image Credit: The Toidi/Shutterstock.

While HEPA filters are proficient in particle removal, they don’t catch everything, particularly odors and gases. Here, the integration of activated charcoal becomes vital.

This chemical absorbent enhances the air purifier’s ability to tackle cigarette smoke by trapping particles and adsorbing the odors and harmful chemicals synonymous with tobacco smoke. However, the effectiveness of this method hinges on the carbon filter’s quality and quantity.

For substantial results, air purifiers should contain a significant amount of genuine activated carbon, ideally around a kilogram. Additionally, the air purifier’s design should ensure a slow airflow through the carbon, maximizing the ‘dwell time’ and thereby the adsorption of odors and fumes.

Despite these advanced methods, it’s important to acknowledge that no single approach is foolproof, and consistent maintenance and filter replacement are key to sustaining optimal air quality.

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