Woman Ridicules Men Earning Under 400k/yr While She’s Earning $18/hr

In an age where one post can ripple through the vast ocean of the internet, a single video has become the epicenter of a heated debate on men’s earnings.

Beyond the glint of luxury cars, this story unravels the intricate tapestry of societal values and our evolving views on financial worth.

We’ll uncover the layers of this controversy and discover why it’s making waves in conversations worldwide.

The Initial Post

This You Woman Ridicules Men Earning Under 400kyr While Shes Earning 18hr
Image Credit: TikTok / @thisyou.official2

A woman shared a video where she is seen sitting in what appears to be a luxury car.

The text overlay on the video reads:

“when I look up his salary and it’s under 400 k”.

As she pans the camera to her face, she is seen biting her lip and mouthing,

“what the f— is that?”

This video was interpreted by many as her being judgmental of the earnings of a significant majority of Americans, given that 99% earn less than $400,000 annually.

According to CNBC, even president Biden thinks people making $400k and above are wealthy ¹.

The Response

friends on their phones ss2130975182
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However, the internet has its ways of digging deeper. Another user, responded to her video by sharing a screenshot from one of her previous videos.

Her screenshot revealed that she works in what seems to be a restaurant, cafe, or similar establishment.

The caption on this video read:

“me making $18 an hour to drink iced tea”.

Doing the math, if she works a standard 40-hour week, her annual earnings before taxes would be approximately $37,440.

Even if she were to work overtime, clocking in 80 hours a week for an entire year, her earnings would still be less than a quarter of the $400,000 she mentioned in her initial video.

Public Reaction

social media post ss722600041
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The online community was quick to react. Comments ranged from humorous to critical.

One user remarked,

“400k to come home and dinners not ready”,

while another stated,

“A dude making half a mil and up is not looking in your direction”.

Some found humor in the situation, commenting,

“The jokes will always write themselves”.

Interestingly, one user highlighted that the annual salary of the President of the United States of America is $400,000

Another speculated that perhaps she was seeking a partner who would cover all her living expenses, suggesting,

“she’s looking for a life saver”.

Broader Implications

bored woman on date ss1892881987
Illustration. Photo Credit: Prostock-studio/Shutterstock.

In the vast realm of social media, a Reddit post titled “Would you date a broke guy?” has garnered attention ².

The original poster, a young woman, shares her dilemma about a potential partner who admits to being financially unstable despite being attentive, sweet, and sharing cultural and religious similarities.

This man’s candid confession about his financial situation and his inability to hold a job for extended periods due to boredom raises eyebrows and concerns.

The woman, who enjoys a six-figure salary, is torn between her feelings for him and the practical implications of dating someone with financial constraints.

While this incident might seem like a fleeting moment in the vast world of social media, it does raise pertinent questions about societal values and expectations.

Drawing from the Social Exchange Theory ³, individuals often weigh social relationships’ potential benefits and risks. In such evaluations, earnings can be perceived as a ‘benefit’ in the relationship.

But, is it fair to judge potential partners based on their earnings?

And if one does so, should they not be held to the same standards they set for others?

The theory suggests that relationships are often based on cost-benefit analyses, but it’s essential to question the ethical implications of such judgments

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