Woman Criticized for Drawing Comparisons Between Trans Women & Blackface: ‘THAT’S ACTUALLY SCARY’

In a controversial and now-deleted video, a conservative influencer, Lily Kate, compared the gender presentation of trans women to blackface.

This comparison sparked significant criticism and led to a discussion about the rights and representation of trans individuals and the historical oppression associated with blackface.

The Controversial Comparison

Lily Kate, known for her critiques of feminism and anti-gay statements, presented examples of blackface in her video, which she labeled as “racist! terrible!”

She then compared this to what she termed “womanface” when referring to trans women, explicitly citing transwoman Dylan Mulvaney. Kate’s argument was met with disbelief and anger.

One commenter was shocked, stating,

“My jaw is still on the floor. I’m trying to comprehend that leap.”

@swidx Limiting freedom for trans people reinforces harmful gender stereotypes that have historically oppressed women, which ultimately worsens conditions for all women.
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The Counterargument

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In response to Kate’s video, a user named Taryn argued that Kate’s comparison of trans women and blackface is “the reach of the century.”

Taryn emphasized the distinction between blackface, a racist act where non-Black individuals darken their skin to mimic Black people, and being transgender, where individuals identify as a gender different from the one they were assigned at birth.

Taryn highlighted that transgender people do not have a history rooted in oppressing women, contrary to the implications of Kate’s video.

Taryn further argued, “Republicans are exploiting their issue with trans women in order to restrict women’s rights,” and emphasized the importance of supporting trans rights for those who call themselves feminists.

Public Reaction

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The public reaction to Kate’s video and Taryn’s response was immense. Many were baffled by Kate’s argument, finding it incomprehensible and alarming.

Comments such as “THAT’S ACTUALLY SCARY” and “When she said this my jaw deadass hit the floor” echoed the sentiments of disbelief and concern over Kate’s comparison.

The Damaging Comparison

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Comparing self-promoting white individuals donning blackface with the millions of trans people worldwide is explored by Sam Hope.

Such comparisons are damaging to both black and trans communities. The word “transracial” is a legitimate term applicable to black children born or adopted into white families.

However, its appropriation to draw comparisons with transgender people is offensive. Although race and gender are both socially constructed, the similarities end there.

This comparison obscures the truths of two very different civil rights struggles, being both racist and transphobic.

Transgender Reality & Racial Misappropriation

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Transgender people exist – there are millions of trans people in the world. Some estimate 1 in 200 people, as ordinary as redheads.

Recent scientific consensus has established that gender identity is biological, not mental illness. People who deny the reality of trans experience in the face of this overwhelming evidence increasingly look like climate change deniers. There is no evidence of an equivalent phenomenon related to race.

The discussion about race and transgender issues is tragically connected in the police profiling of trans women of color and their frighteningly high presence in statistics for victims of violence and murder.

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