Woman Surprises Guy with Dentist Appointment After Just 3 Weeks of Dating

How far would you go to test a new relationship? TikToker Jackie took pranking to the next level by making a dentist appointment for her date, just three weeks in!

Inspired by “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” her playful jest led to an awkward yet hilarious revelation.

The Prank Call

Woman Surprises New Beau with Dentist Appointment After Just 3 Weeks
Image Credit: Tiktok/@jackie2saints

In a humorous prank call, Jackie decided to surprise her potential boyfriend by telling him she had booked a teeth cleaning appointment for him at her dentist’s office. She put him on speakerphone and excitedly shared that she “forgot” to inform him about the appointment she made since she was getting her teeth cleaned too.

However, her new dating partner didn’t share her enthusiasm. He responded with, “I’mmma —- you up,” and expressed his strong dislike for dentists by saying he “hates the dentist.”

Throughout the call, Jackie had to mute herself multiple times to laugh at the situation with her friend. She informed her unsuspecting boyfriend that the appointment was scheduled for “Tuesday at 1:30” and she had “assumed” he would adjust his plans to fit the appointment.

The man, clearly taken aback, revealed, “I don’t even have medical insurance,” and added that he hasn’t had any for years.

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Bad Teeth

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This revelation had Jackie and her friend in stitches, with her friend suggesting Jackie should “abort mission.” The man, still trying to make sense of the situation, questioned if Jackie was implying that his teeth were in bad shape, asking,

“are you saying my teeth are falling out?”

Jackie, trying to justify her actions, said she was just being “proactive” and believed he deserved top-notch dental care. As a fun fact, she added that her dentist had once been featured on the early 2000s reality show, The Swan.

Despite her potential boyfriend’s lack of medical insurance, Jackie assured him she would update him on the status of his dental appointment. Before ending the call, he sarcastically inquired if Jackie had arranged any other surprise checkups for him.

She denied having made any other plans and confirmed their plans to meet the following weekend.

The Comment Section

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Jackie’s prank garnered a wave of comments from TikTok users who found the joke hilarious and suggested that the guy might be a keeper.

One user highlighted his keen interest, pointing out, “And he still ends it with ‘will I see you this weekend?’ hahaha he’s into you.”

Another comment focused on his prompt response to her call: “The way he picked up IMMEDIATELY .”

Others hoped for updates on this budding romance, with one sharing, “He passed the vibe check. Hoping the algorithm brings me back for this relationship update .”

In a follow-up TikTok, Jackie shared a glimpse of their time together, showing them having a day out on the golf course, looking charming in their golfing gear.

However, the sweet times didn’t continue, as Jackie later confirmed they had stopped seeing each other for reasons unrelated to her dental appointment prank.

Responding to a follower’s comment in September 2023, Jackie revealed,

“We’re unfortunately not hanging out anymore. But it was really nice/sweet while it lasted .”

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