A Woman Threatens to Disown Sister-In-Law if She Has Another Baby

In this story, a woman who’s currently living with her brother and sister-in-law exclaims that she will disown her SIL and even get their other family members to do the same if SIL becomes pregnant again.

A year ago, the OP (original poster) was unemployed, so she was really grateful that they took her in. In exchange, she would help around the house until she can live on her own.

Now, even with a full-time job and doing well for herself, she’s still staying with them because her brother and SIL’s financial situation changed. They asked her to stay, and she now covers about ⅔ of the bills because her brother pays for child support and her SIL doesn’t work.

Recently, her brother told her he had plans for surgery to reverse the snip. However, she knows it would be expensive, and they cannot afford it, especially since insurance won’t cover it. This is where she kind of lost her temper and confronted them about this decision.

The Reason Why SIL Is Not Fit to Have Another Baby

Her SIL already has a six-year-old daughter that’s currently living with them that she neglects. The OP says that Child Protection Services have been called multiple times by their friends and her brother’s ex-wife because they think the child is being neglected.

The OP also claims that her SIL “can barely take care of herself. She sleeps most of the day. She does not clean, she does not cook, she doesn’t take care of the child she already has.” The OP assumed the role of a live-in maid and nanny while also working 45 hours a week.

Aside from the daughter, her SIL also has an 11-year-old son whom she lost custody of two years ago. She doesn’t know the exact reason why she lost, but the son says he was abused. Her SIL didn’t even bother fighting to get him back.

So when her SIL brought up wanting to have another baby, she thought it was a bad idea. Things got out of hand, and she confronted them about who will take care of the baby since she and her brother work full time and her SIL doesn’t even do simple things around the house like walking the dog.

Her SIL’s response was “I thought you could handle them when you get off work before (brother) gets home so the load is evenly distributed.”

This set off the OP and told them if they have another baby they are on their own. Further adding that even though she still loves her brother and would still help, she said she will stop talking to her SIL altogether. And that she’ll make sure that their other family members disown the SIL too.

Her SIL ended up crying and locking herself in their bedroom, and her brother threatened to kick her out. But she stood her ground and said they can’t afford to kick her out. She pays most of the bills, and they wouldn’t be able to find a “replacement maid/nanny like I have been.”

She did not expect that she would be taking on all of the workload at home, even though she was already working longer hours than her brother.

When she mentioned the unfairness of her situation, her SIL said, “They helped me, so I am obligated to help now.” And the OP now regrets living with them in the first place. She’s just worried about what will happen to her niece because she thinks the child is deeply troubled.

Her mother agrees with her sentiments, but her dad thinks that “it isn’t my place to say anything about my brother’s decisions.”

Commenters Support Not Having a Baby

The commenters think that the OP’s reasons are valid. “Your dads right, it shouldn’t be your business, but they made it that way because they’re including you in their child care plans.”

One even said, “she doesn’t want a CHILD, she wants a BABY.”

There are also some who think her SIL probably needs help. “Maybe therapy would help. She sounds depressed or entitled. A baby will not fix this. It could be laziness or another medical issue.”

Source: Reddit

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