Woman Tries to Drive Away With a Boot on Car ‘That ticket was probably like $75…’ Costly Attempt

Parking tickets can be a source of frustration for many drivers. While some fines are levied for genuine violations, others are mere attempts by authorities to generate revenue.

The situation becomes even more infuriating when a boot is placed on your car, essentially holding it hostage until you pay the fine to have it removed.

A Viral Incident: A Stubborn Attempt to Bypass the Boot

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Illustration. Photo Credit: Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock.

In a recent viral video, a woman was seen attempting to drive her car despite having a boot attached to its left rear tire.

Undeterred by the mechanism specifically designed to prevent the vehicle’s operation, she tried to reverse her car, causing the boot to rotate up into the wheel well and inflict significant damage to the car’s frame.

During this process, an off-camera voice can be heard interacting with the woman. Despite the clear damage being done to her vehicle, she persisted in her attempt to drive away, with the tire immobilized by the boot, before the video abruptly ends.

Community Response: A Mixture of Assistance and Criticism

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Image Credit: Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock.

This video segment, sourced from a widely viewed YouTube clip from Viral Hog, captures a remarkable scenario involving a woman grappling with the predicament of a clamped wheel on her car.

In the footage, a group of individuals comes together in a collective effort to liberate her vehicle from the clutches of the boot. Remarkably, one person goes to such lengths as stepping atop the boot’s locking mechanism, desperately trying to release it.

However, as tensions rise and the unconventional methods prove futile, it becomes increasingly evident that the most pragmatic solution should have been to swap out the immobilized tire for a spare one—a course of action that some online viewers had already suggested.

In hindsight, choosing this approach from the outset would have been a more sensible and efficient response to the perplexing situation.


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Image Credit: HayDmitriy/Deposit Photos.

Unfortunately, the woman’s actions resulted in substantial damage to her car, potentially costing her much more than the original fine for the parking violation.

Online users were quick to point out the financial implications of her actions, noting the significant repair costs she would now face compared to the relatively small fee for boot removal.

One user sarcastically said,

“this is, BY FAR, the smarter and most financially responsible decision. that ticket was probably like $75… THIS is WAAAYYYY better!!”

Some speculated about the possible motivations behind her actions, wondering if she had a comprehensive warranty or insurance plan that would cover the damage, or if she intended to file a fraudulent claim regarding the incident.

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