‘By Any Means Necessary’: Woman’s Clever Solution for Her Carry-On Being Too Large

Have you ever felt the frustration of being told your carry-on is just a bit too big, and you’ll have to pay a hefty fee? TikTok user Shewana has, and she wasn’t having it!

She shared her hilarious solution to dodge those annoying extra charges, and it’s got people laughing and nodding in agreement all over the internet.

But that’s not all; her video has sparked a trend of travelers sharing their clever hacks to beat the system. Let me share the secret

Dodging Extra Fees

During challenging times, people often resort to unconventional solutions. In a TikTok video posted by Shewana showcased her inventive method to sidestep fees for her oversized carry-on bag.

The video’s caption playfully suggests, “Keep it free sis.”

At the video’s commencement, Shewana is seen donning a vibrant green outfit, complemented by a denim jacket tied around her hips.

The on-screen text humorously notes the situation, “When you flying Frontier and they say your personal bag too big,” accompanied by a chuckling emoji.

Subsequently, the footage captures Shewana discreetly positioned in a corner, while fellow travelers are either seated or standing near the airplane gate. A subsequent clip reveals Shewana in the same position, but this time, it’s evident that she has ingeniously packed clothes into her trousers.

The concluding shot displays Shewana upright, with the denim jacket strategically draped over her lower body, cleverly concealing the garments she’s tucked away in her attire.

@theonpoint1 Keep it FREE sis#frontierairlines #blackwomentravel #instantBBL #doingwhatigottado ♬ Da Butt – Larry D

Public Response

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Shewana’s video struck a chord, with many viewers expressing amusement and empathy. Other TikTok users shared their own stories and strategies for reducing their luggage size at the last minute, reflecting a common frustration with the escalating costs of air travel.

One user said,

“As a frontier flight attendant I approve and would open the overhead bin for you! ”

Another one added,

“This remind of that time that I hid my duffle bag on the side and walked pass while the gate agent was busy. She was just like “your good ma’am””

A third added,

“I’m crying cause I haven’t gotten this far but hide it under my jacket. Might have to do this under a dress ”

Innovative Strategies to Circumvent High Carry-On Fees

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This trend of passengers finding inventive ways to avoid fees points to broader issues with the airline industry’s pricing structures. With carry-on bag fees ranging from $25 to $89, travelers increasingly feel the pinch and resort to creative means to keep costs down.

One effective strategy is avoiding checking bags altogether. Surprisingly, a well-packed carry-on and a backpack can suffice for most international trips. This not only saves money but also time spent waiting at baggage claim.

Investing in a quality carry-on bag that meets airline size requirements is crucial. Additionally, joining airline rewards programs or signing up for an airline credit card can offer benefits such as free checked bags or discounts on in-flight purchases.

Smart Packing Hacks for Cost-Efficient Travel

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Packing efficiently doesn’t just ease travel stress but can also save considerable money. Packaging cubes can double how many items fit into a carry-on, keeping things organized and avoiding needing additional luggage.

Rolling clothes instead of folding can create more space, and sticking to a two-shoe rule ensures you only bring what’s necessary. Moreover, bringing a reusable water bottle avoids the high costs of airport bottled water, and packing your own snacks prevents overpriced airport food purchases.

For the essentials, a run to the Dollar Store before a trip can provide travel-sized toiletries and sanitary items at a fraction of the cost. Finally, maintaining a permanent toiletry travel bag filled with free beauty samples can provide a touch of luxury while saving space and money.

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