‘you don’t cook at home?’: Worker Leaves Customer Red-Faced with a Single Question

For many businesses, having a loyal customer base is a cherished asset. These patrons repeatedly return, appreciating the service or product on offer.

However, for Mauricio, his regular visits to a food establishment led to a rather surprising and somewhat awkward encounter with one of its employees. Here’s the complete story.

A Regular at Panda Express

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Mauricio shared an amusing encounter he had at a Panda Express on TikTok. He frequented the restaurant, possibly even twice in one day, and an employee took notice.

In the video, he recounted the interaction from his car, saying,

“I went to Panda Express, and the lady was like,

‘Oh my God. You’re here again, like, you don’t cook at home?’”

Feeling embarrassed by the comment, Mauricio drove 30 minutes to another Panda Express branch to avoid any further awkwardness. He humorously admitted, “Well, I don’t [cook],” explaining his frequent visits to the restaurant.

Public Reactions

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Mauricio’s TikTok video resonated with many, garnering over 318,000 views. The comments section was flooded with viewers sharing their own experiences of being recognized or commented upon by workers at eateries.

One viewer recounted an experience at Domino’s:

“Dominos did this to me but they were speaking to each other and thought I didn’t speak Spanish.”

Another shared their frequent visits to Walmart, which ended abruptly after an employee commented, “ooh you here EVERY DAY.”

A third viewer humorously recalled a double visit to Taco Bell in one day, stating,

“I went to Taco Bell twice in one day first for me but then for someone else I died when the lady at the drive-thru said weren’t u here earlier.”

For some, these interactions led to a reevaluation of their dining habits. One user shared,

“The lady in the chic fil drive-thru greeted me like we were long-time friends and literally caused me to stop eating out for months.”

These shared experiences highlight the impact of seemingly casual remarks on customers’ dining choices and habits.

The Bigger Picture

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Despite the rising food costs and the growth of popular restaurant chains, fast food continues to be a preferred choice for many Americans. Inflation has impacted most consumer goods, including fast food prices. However, sales in this sector are soaring as people look for more affordable dining options.

Despite the price hikes, fast food remains cheaper than traditional restaurant menus. Notably, chains like McDonald’s have reported increased sales, with drive-thru operations seeing a significant boost. Dr. Andrew Moreo from Florida International University’s School of Hospitality highlighted that fast food offers better value than some grocery store items.

Surprisingly, it’s not just those with lower socio-economic backgrounds who are frequenting these establishments; higher-income individuals are also opting for fast food due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness.

The Fast Food Surge in 2023

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The restaurant industry, particularly fast-food chains, has shown remarkable resilience post-pandemic. In the second quarter of 2023, sales at fast-food and quick-serve restaurants like McDonald’s and Starbucks saw an average increase of 5.75 percent compared to the same quarter in the previous year.

In contrast, sit-down casual and fine-dining chains reported an average sales increase of just 2.38 percent. This data underscores the growing preference for fast food, even as the industry grapples with inflation and other economic challenges.

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