Worker Says Job was Advertised at $22.50 per-hour, Turned Out to be Much Less

Lae, from the Atlanta area, posted a video that has since garnered significant attention with over 733,000 views. She details an unexpected revelation she encountered during her job orientation.

Although she anticipated a starting pay of $22.50 an hour for her security guard position, she was taken aback when it was disclosed that the actual pay was only $15.50 an hour. The significant discrepancy has sparked interest and conversations among viewers.

Equal Dirt

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In the video, Lae, donned in a security guard uniform, expresses her surprise and dismay at the pay discrepancy using a popular TikTok trend. She is seen leafing through a brochure, then gesturing towards it while lip-syncing to a portion of Rylo Rodriguez’s “Equal Dirt” that says, “B****, who this for?”

This specific segment of the song has been utilized in various comedic contexts on TikTok, like a server in July humorously questioning which diner ordered a sizzling hot plate, and it can be found under the #whothisfa???? hashtag.

Lae solidified her sentiment with an appended comment, “No fr,” reflecting genuine frustration and disbelief regarding the unexpected salary revelation. The clip cleverly fuses her personal employment experience with a widespread TikTok trend, attracting attention and empathy from viewers.

Shared Experiences

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Lae’s video, highlighting a startling difference between expected and actual pay, garnered numerous comments from viewers, many of whom expressed shock and related to her predicament.

One commentator reflected a common sentiment: “Naw I be like this is illegal.” Another asserted a likely response with, “Swear they never seen me again.” One individual lightened the mood slightly, jesting, “I had to learn what ‘up to’ mean.”

Some viewers shared their parallel experiences. One commentator noted, “This happened to me,” followed by advice that, “If you show them proof they have to change your payrate.”

The influx of reactions and shared experiences underlines a collective frustration and empathy regarding disparities in expected and actual wages in the workplace.

The Deceptive Tactics In Job Advertisements

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The ongoing pandemic has witnessed a surge in deceptive practices by employers in their job advertisements, particularly regarding the wages offered. Many businesses, struggling to attract workers amidst the crisis, have resorted to luring potential employees with false promises of wages that they ultimately do not intend to provide.

This tactic involves listing higher wages in job postings than what is actually offered once a candidate progresses to the interview stage. Major companies like Costco, Applebee’s, and McDonald’s have reportedly engaged in this type of salary bait-and-switch.

Often desperate for employment, workers have voiced their frustrations and experiences on platforms like Reddit’s “anti-work” forum, revealing instances where the actual pay offered during interviews is significantly lower than advertised.

Legal Recourse & Need for Transparency

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Despite the clear ethical issues, applicants often find themselves without realistic legal recourse against such deceptive practices. While misled applicants could bring suits against employers for breach of contract or fraudulent employment inducement, success in either claim proves challenging.

Generally, job advertisements are not considered binding offers but invitations to enter negotiations. Thus, if an employer indicates during an interview that the salary is less than what was posted, a court will likely treat this as a valid modification. Some states and localities, such as Colorado and New York City, have begun to pass laws requiring real pay transparency from prospective employers in job advertisements.

However, while a step in the right direction, these laws do not fully prevent employers from wasting job-seekers’ time and energy with deceptive practices, indicating a need for stricter regulations or even federal reform.

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