Worker Smashes Laptop In Retaliation After Layoff from $50 Billion-Dollar Company: ‘Loyalty means nothing to companies anymore’

In the corporate world, where layoffs often come as sterile, emotionless emails, one woman’s rebellion has struck a chord across the internet.

TikToker Lyss, in a raw outburst of rage and indignation, smashed her work laptop to pieces after her layoff from a company that had raked in $50 billion the previous year.

The video, a visceral snapshot of the human toll behind corporate decisions, went viral, igniting conversations about the expendability of employees in the face of staggering profits. Here’s a closer look at the story that’s got everyone talking.

The Incident

In a TikTok video, a user named Lyss shares a powerful moment, captioning it,

“Pov: you’re watching me react to getting laid off by a company who made 50 billion in sales last year.”

The video captures her intense reaction as she repeatedly smashes a laptop.

Lyss, feeling justified in her actions, adds in the video’s caption, “I think the laptop was more than a fair trade.” She reveals in a comment that her employment with the company spanned three years, underscoring her sense of betrayal.

@lyssg717 I think the laptop was more than a fair trade #ihatecapitalism ♬ original sound – Lyss G717

The Comment Section

The video struck a chord, sparking confessions from others who’ve found themselves in similar situations. One user admitted, “I kept my $600 Herman Miller desk chair I ‘borrowed’ from the office during Covid,” while another confessed,

“I kept my monitors and docking stations. I’m getting something out of it.”

Others shared their own acts of defiance. A commenter recounted, “I did the same. Smashed it with a shovel. And then I.T. emailed me asking me to turn it on to complete the data wipe,” and another stated,

“I just soaked it in water…and dried and put it back in the box.”

Yet, beyond the acts of rebellion, the video highlighted the emotional toll experienced by workers like Lyss, who are abruptly dismissed by their employers after years of dedication, amplifying a sense of injustice given the company’s significant earnings.

Loyalty Means Nothing

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One commenter lamented, “Loyalty means nothing to companies anymore,” capturing a sentiment felt by many.

Others shared specific instances, with one saying, “I got laid off by a company that made 82.7 billion. I was there for 7 years,” and another revealing,

“I got laid off from Carvana the same day they made a 2.2 billion dollar purchase of Adesa. They [went] into debt instead of keeping us employed.”

The frustration was palpable, with stories like, “My company grew 10%, turned a profit, with record numbers still had layoffs because they want to grow at 20%,” highlighting employees’ harsh realities in the current corporate climate.

However, amidst the shared stories of frustration and betrayal, some found a sense of catharsis in Lyss’s actions. “​​This was so therapeutic to watch,” one user admitted, grateful for the shared experience. “Thank you so much for sharing.”

The sense of solidarity in shared struggles and the validation of their feelings was a source of comfort for many viewers.

The Paradox–Layoffs In Thriving Companies

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Despite robust financial health, many tech giants have initiated significant layoffs, a perplexing reality stirring unease in the industry. Amazon, for instance, eliminated 27,000 positions, even after a hiring surge during the pandemic.

This trend isn’t isolated. Meta, Alphabet, and Microsoft have similarly reduced their workforce, despite their substantial market presence. These layoffs, often occurring during periods of economic growth or high profitability, are primarily driven by the need to maintain or boost stock prices, appease shareholders, or restructure for future investments.

The decision, typically made by top executives, often prioritizes financial performance over employee retention, highlighting a stark contrast between corporate profitability and job security.

The Mechanics of Corporate Layoffs

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Corporate layoffs, often shrouded in secrecy, are meticulously planned operations. They commence with a compelling reason, usually tied to cost savings or restructuring efforts. The process involves strategic financial analyses to determine potential savings, followed by deciding who will be let go.

Far from random decisions are calculated moves designed to meet specific financial targets. The experience can be sudden and shocking for the employees, with meetings held and access revoked within moments.

The aftermath is a mixture of relief for those who remain and uncertainty, knowing that job security is a fluctuating concept in the corporate world. This mechanical approach underscores the impersonal nature of layoffs, where individuals become mere numbers in a financial model, and loyalty holds minimal tangible value.

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