‘I’ve been working here for six months…I’m still homeless’ Asked to Work from Home a Day per Week, Despite Being Homeless

Working from home has become a coveted privilege in the contemporary work landscape, offering benefits such as no commute and flexible hours. However, this trend has unveiled a significant discrepancy: only some have the means to work from home.

A Personal Account that Resonates with Many

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Allexandra, a worker, shared her personal experience online with her workplace’s policy of mandating employees to work remotely one day a week after a six-month tenure. Her predicament is that she needs a home to work from.

Her video, which has amassed over 568,000 views, recounts her conversation with her boss, saying,

“And I was like, ‘Do we have to? You know, is it a requirement that we work from home one day a week because I don’t have a home?’”

This video is more than just a personal account; it is a rallying cry highlighting a larger, systemic issue. Allexandra points out the irony of her situation, stating,

“I’ve been working here for six months, full time, state job, with benefits, and I’m still homeless. There’s no reason that somebody who works full time for the state can’t afford to live in that state.”

A Call for Urgent Change

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Allexandra’s video has resonated with a vast audience, prompting many to share similar stories in the comments section. The video also features an on-screen caption that reads,

“This is the reality for so many people right now. Including myself. We need change and we need it fast.”

The comments section is filled with similar narratives.

One individual shared,

“I work for the state. If it wasn’t for my mom’s house, I’d be homeless.” Another person revealed their fear of losing their job if they disclosed their housing situation: “I had to do that full time. I had to sit at Starbucks or the library. I never told them because I was afraid to get fired.”

The conversation extends to broader systemic issues, with one commenter noting,

“They need to change the tax brackets for inflation NOW. 35-45k is the new poverty and it’s sick.”

The Reality of Employment Among the Homeless

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Contrary to the common misconception that individuals experiencing homelessness are unwilling to work, many actually do hold jobs.

A study conducted by the University of Chicago in 2021 revealed that 53% of those residing in homeless shelters and 40% of people without shelter were employed either full-time or part-time between 2011 and 2018.

However, having a job does not necessarily guarantee housing security. The majority of these individuals earn insufficient wages to afford rent. The average salary required to rent a two-bedroom apartment at a fair market rate is significantly higher than what most homeless individuals make, even if they work full-time.

The Root Cause of Homelessness in California

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A recent comprehensive study conducted by UC San Francisco has shed light on the primary reason behind homelessness in California: loss of income. The study revealed that many Californians believe that a subsidy as small as $300 a month could have prevented them from becoming homeless.

In the six months leading up to their homelessness, the individuals surveyed had a median income of just $960 a month, significantly less than the median rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the state.

The study emphasizes that financial constraints, rather than addiction or mental health issues, are the central cause of homelessness. It calls for a focus on addressing the economic factors leading to the crisis, including the high housing costs.

Personal Stories and Potential Solutions

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The study also shares personal narratives, illustrating the gradual descent into homelessness due to job loss, conflicts with roommates, and family issues exacerbated by economic instability.

For instance, Carlos became homeless after several unfortunate events, including an injury that prevented him from working and subsequent financial difficulties. The study suggests that providing small financial aid could prevent many from ending up on the streets.

It also dispels the myth that most homeless individuals migrate to Californian cities for better weather and services, highlighting that most were last housed in California and continue to reside in the same county where they lost their housing.

This advocates for a statewide strategy to address homelessness, focusing on creating affordable housing options and providing comprehensive support to at-risk people.

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