‘Yall been GATEKEEPING this’: Shopper Discovers Unbeatable Deals on Meat & Eggs at Upgraded Costco

Costco, renowned for its bulk deals and massive warehouses, has a lesser-known sibling stirring up interest: the Costco Business Center. Tailored primarily for business needs, this variant offers unique products not found in regular Costco stores.

As TikTok users start to uncover this hidden treasure, social media is abuzz with excitement. Here’s the complete rundown on what sets the Costco Business Center apart.

A Deeper Dive into Costco Business Center

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TikTok user Julissa shared her experience of visiting a Costco Business Center with her 27,000 followers, expressing surprise and delight at the unique offerings of the store compared to a regular Costco.

Upon her arrival, Julissa immediately noticed the heavy-duty carts designed to carry up to 800 pounds of products, although the store also provides the standard Costco carts. As she ventured inside, she was impressed by the variety of non-food items available at competitive prices. Some of her notable finds included a $900 deep fryer, a retro fridge priced at $300, a set of spoons for $10, and a decorative fake plant for $100.

Attractive Prices

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The office supply section particularly caught her attention. She enthusiastically recommended teachers to visit the store for their classroom needs, highlighting deals on safety pins, mechanical pencils, staples, and staplers.

Julissa continued into the food section, finding beef, eggs, and lamb at attractive prices. A pack of cinnamon buns especially stood out to her, with the rolls being so large that she remarked they were “bigger than” her “head.”

Throughout her video, Julissa expressed astonishment that such a store had been kept under wraps. She playfully accused shoppers of “gatekeeping” the Costco Business Center, emphasizing her point in the video caption with, “Yall been GATEKEEPING this.”

Public Reaction and Insights

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Julissa’s TikTok video showcasing her visit to a Costco Business Center quickly gained traction, racking up 1.4 million views.

The video sparked curiosity among viewers, with many expressing interest in visiting a Costco Business Center themselves. One viewer contemplated, “I’m now debating if I should drive 2 hours to the nearest one.” Another added, “Definitely looking to see where there’s one located where I live lol. Only curious.”

Those already familiar with Costco Business Center chimed in with their own experiences and recommendations. A user highlighted the value of the egg deal, saying, “The eggs is literally a great deal for the longest 2pks of 18eggs was like $8 in my area.” Another shopper praised the store’s discounts, sharing, “Costco Business Center is definitely a game changer … got spiral ham for $9 was on sale $16-$24 plus $10 off at the register.”

The video clearly resonated with many, both introducing some to the concept of the Costco Business Center and allowing others to share their own positive experiences.

However, there’s a catch: unlike the traditional Costco, the Business Center doesn’t have a food court. So, for those who visit Costco primarily for their pizza or frozen yogurt treats, this might be a deal-breaker.

Costco Business Center–A Unique Model

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Costco Business Center operates differently from the regular Costco Wholesale stores. While both are under the Costco umbrella, the Business Center specifically caters to businesses, offering bulk items and specialized products that regular consumers might not need.

This focus allows them to streamline their operations and offer competitive prices. Bulk purchasing and the absence of certain overhead costs, like expansive electronics or clothing sections, can pass on savings to the customer.

This is why many businesses prefer shopping at the Business Center, as they can get more value for their money.

The Edge Over Traditional Costco Wholesale

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The regular Costco Wholesale is designed for the general public, offering a wide range of products from electronics to groceries. On the other hand, the Business Center is more niche, targeting businesses with specific needs.

This specialization means they don’t carry certain products found in regular Costco stores, reducing inventory costs. Additionally, their bulk offerings are tailored for businesses, which can lead to significant savings.

Businesses benefit from economies of scale when they buy in large quantities, making products cheaper per unit. This is a key reason why the Business Center can offer items at a lower cost than the traditional Costco Wholesale.

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