‘You save like $2’: Former McDonald’s Corporate Chef Reveals Why You Should Never Order a Big Mac

Popular TikToker Mike Haracz recently shared a McDonald’s Big Mac hack with his 200,000 followers. In a video that garnered over 300,000 views, Haracz advises against ordering a Big Mac.

Instead, he suggests ordering a “McDouble like a Mac,” a different option with the same beefy goodness at a lower cost. According to Haracz, this alternative is much better and cheaper.

The McDouble only has one slice of cheese like a Big Mac and no middle bun, saving customers around $2.

The McDouble Like a Mac

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Haracz’s recommendation is to order a McDouble like a Mac every time. He says,

“Don’t order a Big Mac, you should be ordering this every time:

The Big Mac Hack: A Thrifty Alternative

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The iconic Big Mac from McDonald’s, known for its unique three-bun structure, has been a fast-food favorite for many.

However, some customers find the middle bun unnecessary and a reason for the sandwich’s higher price.

A Reddit user has shared a cost-saving hack that allows you to enjoy the flavors of a Big Mac for $2 less. The process is simple. Order a McDouble from the menu, and politely request the staff to replace ketchup or mustard with Big Mac Sauce™.

Additionally, ask for lettuce to be added to your burger. This customization results in a sandwich strikingly similar to a Big Mac, sans the middle bun and sesame seeds, significantly cutting the cost.

A Detailed Cost & Weight Analysis: Maximizing Value

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The benefits of this Big Mac hack extend beyond just cost-saving. A detailed analysis reveals that the altered McDouble weighs more at 151g than the Big Mac, which weighs 144g.

This weight discrepancy, despite both sandwiches reportedly using the same 63g patties, adds another layer to the cost-effectiveness of this hack. Generally, McDoubles are priced around $2, while Big Macs are sold for $4-$5.

In a price comparison in New York, a Big Mac averages $5.23, while a McDouble is priced at $1.82.

Even with an additional lettuce charge, the customized McDouble cost is $3.31 less than a Big Mac. This substantial saving and additional weight make this hack a smart choice for budget-conscious consumers seeking the Big Mac taste without the extra expense and the extraneous middle bun.

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