“You’re lucky you didn’t get arrested” — Man Is Kicked off Cruise for Medical Marijuana

Imagine setting sail for a relaxing cruise only to be escorted off for having medical marijuana! This unforeseen twist in a man’s vacation is stirring waves online.

Despite the abrupt end to his high seas adventure, his spirit remains unbroken, choosing to ride the wave of positivity. The incident highlights the clash between medical needs and strict policies at sea. Let’s uncover this story.

Travel & Medical Marijuana

In a series of TikTok videos, Drew recounted his experience of being forced to leave a cruise ship while it was docked in Jamaica. From his room, with his mom present, Drew explained the reason behind their sudden removal from the cruise.

“We are currently ported in Jamaica, so we will be flying home from Jamaica and my mom will be coming with me,” he shared, indicating that both he and his mother were required to leave the ship and make their own way back home.

The cause of this unexpected turn of events?

“Unfortunately, they saw my medical marijuana, which we all know that I have, and all the senior security advisors or whatever they’re called have come to the conclusion that I must disembark,”

Drew revealed, attributing their expulsion to the cruise staff discovering his medical marijuana. Despite its legal status in various places, it appeared the cruise line had strict rules against it, leading to their abrupt vacation end.

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Maintaining Composure

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Drew conveyed that he was supposed to be on the fourth day of his cruise, with three more days to enjoy. Despite the unexpected turn of events, he remained optimistic.

“I definitely didn’t want any of this to happen, but it’s OK,” he expressed, maintaining a positive attitude. “We’re going to make the best of it.”

Planning their next steps, Drew mentioned that he and his mom planned to stay in a hotel and depart the island the next day. Prepared for the exit, he had his luggage ready, and security was stationed outside, awaiting his departure.

Additionally, his card access to his room on the cruise was deactivated.

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Security Escort

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In a follow-up video, Drew is shown being escorted by a security guard, along with his mom, off the cruise ship and through immigration. Their luggage is handled by staff and placed on a trolley for convenience.

As they depart the marina, Drew remarks, “It’s been real — bye Royal [Caribbean],” acknowledging their abrupt departure from the cruise. However, he notes a small consolation: “At least they’re giving us a free taxi, though.”

The video captures their journey following the bellboy through the docks and a parking lot to their taxi. Despite his circumstances, Drew mentions his regret about missing out on an all-you-can-eat lunch onboard but plans to compensate by having his third drink of the day once they reach the hotel.

Upon arriving at the taxi pick-up area, Drew informs viewers that they face a 45-minute ride to the airport and that their taxi is en route.

Public Response

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In a TikTok post that has garnered attention, users reacted to an individual’s experience with maritime law. One commenter remarked, “You’re lucky you didn’t get arrested. Maritime law! OMG… enjoy Jamaica,” highlighting the severity of the situation.

Others chimed in with their perspectives, with one saying, “Be glad you just get to fly home, honestly. Being locked up abroad is no joke whatsoever,” and another sharing a personal anecdote: “Years ago my friend and her family got ARRESTED, consider yourself lucky.”

The individual in the video, Drew, engaged with the comments, acknowledging his good fortune in how the situation was handled, noting that he was very grateful the issue was quickly escalated to the authorities.

Navigating Cannabis Restrictions on Cruise Ships

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Despite the legalization of marijuana in numerous U.S. states, cruise lines maintain a strict no-cannabis policy, aligning with federal law which classifies marijuana as an illegal substance.

This stance is unwavering even in the face of medical marijuana prescriptions. Christine Duffy, Carnival Cruise Line president, emphasized this in a 2023 address, highlighting the cruise line’s obligation to adhere to federal regulations, irrespective of state laws where passengers might embark.

Consequently, passengers are advised to consult with their physicians for alternative therapies during their cruise. The implications of non-compliance are serious; passengers found in possession of marijuana could face removal at the next port, hefty fines, or even legal repercussions in two jurisdictions if reported to local law enforcement.

Enforcement Measures & Onshore Regulations

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Cruise lines are intensifying their enforcement strategies. Carnival Cruise Line, for instance, has deployed drug detection dogs in several U.S. homeports and on select sailings, underscoring their commitment to a drug-free environment.

These trained canines can detect various forms of cannabis, including edibles, potentially leading to the discovery of illegal substances among passengers’ belongings. While onshore, passengers might encounter marijuana-friendly locales, especially in ports within states or countries where cannabis is legal.

However, the freedom to partake on land doesn’t extend to the ship. Any cannabis purchased onshore must be consumed there or left behind, as bringing it onboard violates cruise policies. Even CBD oil, often used for medicinal purposes, falls under this prohibition.

Remember, while the allure of cannabis might be tempting, especially in regions known for their “herb and reggae,” the rules on cruise ships are clear and strictly enforced.

The risks involved, including potential legal issues and the prospect of being banned from future sailings, are substantial deterrents. Passengers are urged to respect these regulations, ensuring a trouble-free and enjoyable cruising experience.

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