You’ve Been Using Can Openers Wrong If Using this Method: ‘I never knew’

Ever thought you knew how to use everyday items? A TikTok video by Bellazane Creed has taken the internet by storm, suggesting that many people have been using can openers incorrectly for years.

The video, which has amassed over 5.1 million views, showcases a method where the opener is placed on top of the can rather than on its side. Let’s uncover how it’s done.

The Revelation

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“Y’all been opening up cans wrong y’all whole life,” the man in the video exclaimed as he took out a brand new can opener.

“What y’all used to do is this,” he demonstrated, showing the typical way most people use the tool — by placing it on the side of the can and turning the handle, moving around the can’s circumference.

“You do not put it right here,” he emphasized, pointing to the side of the can. “You put it on the top, you lock it and you twist it.”

Following the technique he presented in the video, the can rotates on its own due to the twisting motion. The lid then detaches cleanly from directly above the can, leaving no mess behind.

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Viewer’s Responses

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The video sparked a flurry of reactions from viewers, with many expressing surprise and gratitude for the revelation.

“No wonder it breaks all the time the other way,” one viewer commented, surprised at the newfound knowledge.

“You’ve made my day. It’s so hard to open cans when having carpal tunnel,” another viewer expressed, grateful for the potential ease this method could bring.

“In our defense, those never came with instructions,” another individual pointed out, suggesting that users have been unwittingly misusing can openers due to a lack of guidance.

The question remains: have we all been misled? It seems the answer is both yes and no. While this method may work and even offer benefits for some, it’s not necessarily the “wrong” way if the traditional method works for you.

Getting the Perfect Can Opener Grip

To master the art of using a can opener effectively, you must start with the basics – the grip. First, ensure that your can opener is in good condition, with sharp blades. Place the can opener on top of the lid, ensuring the cutting wheel lines up with the edge.

Apply a firm but not overly forceful grip, positioning the opener’s handles to align with the can’s edges. As you turn the handle, the wheel should puncture the lid smoothly. Adjust the opener’s angle as needed to ensure a clean cut all the way around.

Smooth and Controlled Turning

Once you’ve got the grip down, focus on the turning action. Maintain a steady, controlled pace as you turn the handle. Avoid rushing or applying too much pressure, leading to jagged edges or broken blades.

Monitor the progress, ensuring the wheel stays in contact with the can’s edge. If you feel resistance, it might be due to the lid’s thickness or a dull blade. Be patient and adjust as necessary. Remember, practice makes perfect when using a can opener, so keep honing your technique to access the contents of your canned goods effortlessly.

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